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Gunite is a pneumatically applied concrete with superior strength. It has been used to build inground swimming pools for over 30 years.

Many homeowners prefer gunite because gunite in-ground pools can be built to any design and shape and lend themselves especially well to the homeowner with a specific vision. If you have a unique oasis in mind, AMC Pools can assist you with blueprinting the design and offer suggestions for creating a gunite deck as well as gunite pool.

Our professional team can assist you in choosing other items to fulfill the vision you have for your gunite in-ground pool; such as fountains, streams, and landscaping.

Gunite lends itself especially well to free-form pools, decks and steps. For example, you might want a flowing shape with graceful curves. Your pool can be covered with colorful pebbles, mosaic tiles, or stone. Gunite can also be colored, stamped, embedded with a design, etc.


The options are limited only by your imagination. For example, you might want a stream flowing over rocks into your pool so that you can envision yourself in a wild secluded glen where there are no worries, jobs, or daily stresses. With the help of AMC Pools, you can build it!

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