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We install the Fort Wayne, Elite Pool brand. The Elite Pool is the strongest and most highly engineered pool available today. If the finest in-ground pool is what you seek, select Elite. The structural walls are constructed of durable structural polymer, and carry a limited lifetime warranty. The panels will not rust, rot, or corrode. The vertical, horizontal, and diagonal ribs found in the Elite wall give it more strength and therefore more quality than any other pool wall on the market today. The Elite pool has the Reliance Deck Support System that will give you unparalleled strength for your pool deck. Every three to six feet of pool wall, you will find a brace. These braces, when filled with concrete, create a pillar system to support your decking that is similar to holding up concrete bridges. The Elite Pool's structural polymer wall panels are, in many ways, as strong as steel and non-corrosive. Moreover, three times the ribbing of our competitors' walls gives the Elite wall unrivaled strength. We can construct many different sizes and shapes to fit your needs.


With the advantage of the panels being different lengths and shapes, we can design a pool to fit your backyard.



The acrylic fiberglass stairs are vacuum formed from a single piece of acrylic. Then, hand laid with multiple layers of fiberglass.



Step structure is made of polymer with a molded shell placed over the structure. Then, a perfect fit vinyl liner to finish it off. Steps are available in 8 models:

90 degree corner

2" radius corner

8"- 6" radius

10" radius

180 degree straight

6" radius corner

9" radius

11" radius


Vinyl liners are made to fit your pool perfectly and provide a safe, clean, and comfortable surface for the interior of your pool. Designed to resist fading and cracking from the sun, temperature, and age, our liners are backed by a 20-year limited pro-rated warranty and 5-year full replacement warranty.


We can have you swimming in your Fort Wayne Pool in 3 weeks. So sit back and enjoy your pool this summer and call AMC Pools today.

Visit Fort Wayne Pools today and see the pool sizes, liner styles and colors.

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